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KAren Lawson

Sales Consultant

Karen Lawson is a seasoned professional with over 26 years of experience as a consultant for Gutter Helmet. In her role, she excels at providing tailored solutions to customers by conducting thorough demonstrations and assessments of their needs. Additionally, Karen handles all aspects of customer service for Gutter Helmet, ensuring that clients receive prompt and attentive assistance whenever required. With her extensive knowledge and dedication, she addresses common concerns such as potential damage to roof warranties with clarity and assurance, assuring clients that Gutter Helmet does not compromise the integrity of their roofs.

One of Karen’s greatest joys in her role is delivering a product that not only meets but exceeds her customers’ expectations. She takes pride in offering a solution that eliminates the hassle of gutter maintenance, providing clients with lasting peace of mind. By eliminating the need for manual gutter cleaning and the associated risks of climbing ladders, Karen ensures her customers can enjoy the benefits of Gutter Helmet’s innovative solution without worry. Her commitment to customer satisfaction and safety underscores her passion for delivering tangible value to each individual she serves.

Learn More About Karen

Learn more about the exceptionally experienced sales consultant, Karen Lawson. Karen brings over 26 years of experience to each homeowner and is one of the longest tenured individuals in America selling Guter Helmet!