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Focused on our Hometown Community Roots 

From our beginnings in 1977, in the heart of St. Joseph, Illinois, we at St. Joseph Siding & Window have always believed that a company’s success is intertwined with the well-being of its community. That’s why our commitment to East Central Illinois isn’t just an initiative, it was there at the very start of who we were back in 1977.

Rooted in St. Joseph, Growing with Prairie Home Alliance

Our story began right here, in the streets and families of this vibrant community. We understand the importance of local craftsmanship, of building homes that stand the test of time and weather the storms, just like the spirit of our neighbors. It’s with this grounding that we stand as members of the Prairie Home Alliance, a distinguished collective of the top awarded home improvement companies in Central Illinois. This alliance isn’t just a collaboration; it’s a shared commitment to excellence, integrity, and – most importantly – the communities we serve.

Improving Bigger Things Than Ourselves

Being part of St. Joseph and the Prairie Home Alliance allows us to amplify our impact far beyond what we could achieve alone. Together, we leverage our combined resources, expertise, and passion to support organizations throughout the region. From sponsorship of little leagues, to large capital improvement for organizations we support below, our reach extends into every corner of the larger Central Illinois community. We believe a company founded in a community has a responsibility to the health of that community and that is achieved with volunteer efforts and financial giving. Learn more about a few of the many deserving organizations we support below.

Supported Organizations